NKFs vårmøte i Trondheim

Med kurs: "Biomechanics and skeletal anchorage in everyday clinic"

Kurset kun for medlemmer av NKF

Tid: 17. mars 2023

Sted: Britannia Hotel, Trondheim

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Foredragsholder: Salah Abbas, spesialist i kjeveortopedi

Kontaktperson: Sara Kumar sara@kolbotntannregulering.no

Salah Abbas, The Dental School of Copenhagen, Denmark

Salah Abbas has graduated from the University of Copenhagen, post graduate program for Orthodontics, where he has been working as a clinical supervisor and as a part of the teaching staff for many years now. Salah’s teaching area is Biomechanics and skeletal anchorage. Salah is working as an orthodontist both in public and in private sector with both children and adults. He is the head of the largest Community Orthodontic clinic in the center of Copenhagen. In addition to that Salah is working at the Orthognathic surgery department at the hospital with orthognathic cases and with early interceptive orthopedic treatments of class III cases. Salah is holding courses at national and international meetings and conferences, as well as postgraduate departments inside and outside Europe. Salah’s special interests are treatments with mini-screws, biomechanical principles and interdisciplinary treatments as multiple agenesis patients and orthognathic cases.


Sist oppdatert: 8. mars 2023