The Single Implant in the Aesthetic Area

Balance Between Soft Tissue and Emergence Profile

Tid: 27. august kl. 1700 - 2030

Sted: Stortingsgata Kurs-og Konferanse, Stortingsgata 20 (tidl. Høyres Hus)


In this presentation will be analyzed the complex interactions between tissues and prosthetic emergence profile in the area at high aesthetic demand. Especially focus on the tissue biology and clinical behavior, both from a surgical and prosthodontic point of view. It will be presented as a route from the soft tissue reconstruction and the phenotype modulation, in combination with the emergence profile managing of the crown. The presentation will disclose new knowledge of advanced but easy to apply techniques, for an effective control of the final result and its stability with time.

Foredragsholder: Professor Davide Farronato

Prof. Davide Farronato (DDs, PhD, PD, AP): He graduated in Dentistry with maximum cum laude in Milan, has a PhD in “Innovative Techniques in Oral Implantology and Implant Prosthetic Rehabilitation“, specializes in Oral Surgery with laude. Active member of IAO (Italian Academy of Osseointegration), of MINEC (MegaGen International Network of Education and Clinical Research), founding member of the SISCOO (Italian Society of Specialists in Oral Surgery). He is Associate Professor at the University of Insubria, Italy, President of the Dental Hygiene School and Director of ITEB Research (Center of Innovative Technology and Engineered Biomaterial). He is an implant designer for multiple companies and his scientific work is aimed at understanding the variables that affect the stability of peri-implant tissues in the aesthetic zone at the long term.

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