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The 9th Nordic conference on feeding disorders in infancy and early childhood

The Nordic Network on Feeding Disorders in Infancy and early Childhood and the local organizing committee in Oslo, are pleased to invite you to the 9th Nordic Conference on feeding Disorders in Infancy and early Childhood, 22-23th of May 2023. The conference will take place in Oslo at Meet Ullevaal.

The conference will have a special focus on feeding difficulties in rare diseases.

The conference will have an interdisciplinary approach, and the target group of the conference consists of scientists and clinicians working with infants and children with feeding disorders from the Nordic countries and outside.

The main topic is to bring together up-to-date knowledge on pediatric feeding disorders in general, and in particular in rare disorders.

Focus will be on:

  • interdisciplinary management
  • regulation of appetite
  • growth and common challenges in rare disorders

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E-mail hello@meetings.no or phone 469 77 814

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